Ian Coleman was born in Dundee, Scotland. His first signature painting was in 1988, while he was studying Art & Design at Dundee College. A further piece was completed in Valencia, Spain in 1991.

‘I put this project on hold a long time ago, but it was always in the back of my mind. Getting on with it now encapsulates what it is about i.e. One either chooses to do something or not.’

Without the public's active participation, the artwork would not exist. 

The work begins as an empty white canvas and over a series of days the accumulation of thousands of signatures builds towards the actualisation of the image. Without the initial connection with the individual, the agreement or consent, and the physical signature or affirmation the work would simply not happen. The individual is aware that their signature may be partially or completely obscured during the creative process, yet it is simple act of being involved which somehow becomes more important than the finished result. The act of signing, of making one's mark, becomes the essence of the work